Clip-In Hair Extensions $125

Clip-in hair extension services uses a small metal comb that snaps into place with one touch. Clients love them because it is custom blended for texture and color. These are great alternatives for length and volume versatility without a more permanent extension method.

Keratip Hair Extensions $800

These are great because they do not add any additional product to link the hair to the hair extensions. These require precision installation and expertise because it uses a specially designed protein keratin. This “keratin protein” is essentially an adhesive composed of materials similar to the makeup of our hair used to attach to your hair. This hair extension method requires an expert who is familiar with the right products to remove the hair extensions. It costs more because it requires a lot more skill and precision. It is not recommended for everyone. You must already have healthy hair if you are considering this method.

Cold Fusion $ 475

This is a hair extension method uses a silicone lined metal bead.  This strand by strand method offers a Keratip like service but without the heated bonds. This is great for long-lasting hair extensions that can be processed chemically and that is easy, safe and quickly to remove. Lasts 6-10 weeks.

Micro Links $375

This method attaches wefted hair to your hair with silicone lined metal beads. Using a hand-tied weft it ensures flat to the touch hair. This method is perfect for women with fine hair who don’t want to cornrow their hair to have wefted hair attached to their hair. It is also great for women who desire hair extensions but don’t have the budget for strand by strand extensions. Last  up to 6-8 weeks with maintenance visits.

Skin Wefts $200

Skin weft hair extensions are great for thin, fine, and limp hair. The skin weft uses small pieces of paper thin and hand tied weft that is app

lied directly to your hair.  Lightweight and seamless they offer you versatility and sleekness. They last up to six weeks and take two-three hours to apply.  The hair for skin weft hair extensions is reusable and over time saves you money.

Sew- In $200

This method uses braids and sometimes adding synthetic hair to the braids, Clients enjoy a shampoo, blow dry, and then a full head braid down in less than one hour.  This method uses wefted hair with nylon thread and is sewn down to the hair.  This is method is for that client who wants extensions without the fuss of maintaining their hair.  It is recommended that the extensions be taken out every two months, with hydrating treatments and trims in between.